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Barikab Industrial Park

Barikab Industrial Park


Lead Agency: Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC), GoIRA
Sector: Industrial Infrastructure
Location: Kabul
Short Description:

The Barikab Industrial Park is about 45 kms by road from Kabul, and project site is abutting and accessible from Kabul Bagram highway, and further connecting to the Bagram Airport. It is part of Barikab Agri Economic Zone, comprising of about 30,000 ha of area under agricultural use, alongwith support industries to promote agribusiness. The Phase-1 of the project comprising of about 110 ha of area, is already developed and it is partially absorbed by the investors. The Barikab Industrial Park Phase-1, has been planned, designed and developed by Capital Region Independent Development Authority (CRIDA),
an autonomous government body. The Phase-2 of Barikab Industrial Park, has an area of 290 ha and is being planned for development under Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model.